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Beta-Glucan Immune System Support

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Glucasan+, Glucamune and Betamune75 are
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One 45 capsule Glucamune Tub

Glucamune immune system support capsules in a high dose (250mg) for regular and frequent use. Purified, Natural 1-3,1-6, Beta Glucan - Clinically Proven.

One 45 Capsule tub - enough basic intake for 45 days to keep your immune system fighting fit.

plus £2.75 P&P

One 60 capsule Glucasan Tub

NEW IMPROVED Glucasan+ immune system support capsules (260mg). Purified, Natural 1-3,1-6, Beta Glucan. Now with Vitamin D3 (50% NRV) and Zinc (50% NRV) Scientifically the Best!

One 60 Capsule tub - enough basic intake for 60 days or 30 days intensive.

plus £2.75 P&P

One 75 Capsule Betamune75 tub

Betamune75 - high linkage purified Beta Glucan 1-3,1-6, designed for high intake intensive supplementation in conjunction with other treatments. Ideal for short term high dose prescriptions. Guaranteed minimum 75% purity.

One 75 Capsule tub with 175mgs pure beta-glucan per capsule.

plus £2.75 P&P

Two 60 capsule Glucasan tubs

Glucasan+ provides highly refined immune system support capsules available with added vitamins and minerals NEW and IMPROVED!

Two packs give enough basic support for 120 days or 60 days intensive support

plus £3.00 P&P

Two 75 capsule Betamune75 tubs

NEW Betamune75 - specially purified to ensure high levels of beta-glucan receptor linkage making it ideal for intensive supplememtation in conjunction with other treatments.

150 capsules of 175mgs each containing the best available combination of purification and efficasy.

plus £3.00 P&P

Four 60 capsule Glucasan tubs

Glucasan+ immune system support capsules provide the most effective Beta Glucan available in Europe - new and improved - only the best will do!

4 Packs provide enough basic intake for 240 days

plus £3.75 P&P

Four 75 capsule Betamune75 Tubs

NEW Betamune 75. Guaranteed 75% plus linkage. Ideal for high dose regimes and use in combination with other treatments.

300 capsules each containing 175mg of clinically tested independently verified ultra pure
beta-glucan 1-3,1-6

plus £3.75 P&P


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HSI Article Aug09

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Beta-Glucan article

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report from the
Sunday Mirror

"I was working ridiculous hours setting up my own business and hadn’t had a holiday for two years. My energy was rock-bottom and I was getting colds and sore throats all the time.
A nutrition expert told me about these tablets, and they've made the world of difference, I totally believe in these, they’ve kept me going."

Glucasan article

More than 1,500 scientific papers have investigated the roles, safety and efficacy of beta glucan for more than 40 years - "beta-1,6-glucan with beta-1,3 side chains shows remarkable immune-enhancing activities".

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Beta- Glucan 1-3, 1-6 is derived from the cell walls of the 'friendly fungus', baker's yeast. It supports the innate immune system by exercising it, making our defences more alert to invading viruses and bacteria.

Beta Glucan for seasonal infections

"Beta-glucan is a tool to help strengthen the immune system. Its effects can include fighting off colds as well as helping alleviate allergy symptoms."